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KJN David Hughes

David Hughes is an 9th degree black belt. He has been  a student of Grand Master Thompson and Grand Master Reyes since the mid-1970's and performed as a member of the original West Coast Demo Team. 

Over the years as a competitor, he has won a national  championship in Black Belt Open Forms, an International Championship in Full Contact, and a World No-Gi Championship in Jiu-jitsu. He has also won silver medal at the 2010 NAGA World Grappling Championships.

He is an author of books on both bullying and on Teaching Life Skills for Children and travels as a speaker on both of these subjects.

KJN Sandy Odum Hughes

KJN Sandy Hughes currently holds a 7th degree Black Belt.  She is a certified personal trainer, tai chi instructor, aerobics instructor, and yoga instructor.  She is a former top ten national and world competitor (NASKA) and 1999 Women’s Regional Champion (RSKC).  She graduated from Middle Tennessee State University and O'More College of Design. In 2006, Sandy was named Program Director of the year by the US Martial Arts Association. She was awarded Most Inspiring Instructor by the US Martial Arts Association (EFC) in 2011. KJN Sandy is also the owner/operator of Iron Lotus Gym and the creator of the Build A Black Belt Body system. Her compassionate and motivating teaching style encourages students to meet their fullest potential in a relaxed & fun atmosphere.  


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ERWMA-Gallatin Black Belt Team



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